Discover Local Diving



Have you ever been in an unfamiliar area where you had to ask for directions? How about recommendations for dining, attractions, hotels, etc.? As experienced travelers know, this ‘fish out of water’ feeling (pun intended) extends to the underwater world.

If you’re a certified scuba diver who wants a guided dive experience in the self-proclaimed ‘Dive Capital of the World’, then this adventure is for you. Available options include a guided shore dive (1 tank dive at the Blue Heron Bridge at high tide) and/or a guided boat drift dive (2 tank charter on the reefs or wrecks off the coast).

During the course of one or two dives, you will learn:

  • An overview of the dive site, including environmental conditions and points of interest.
  • How to interact responsibly with the aquatic life.
  • Local procedures and etiquette.

You should bring your basic scuba gear including a mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device, and dive gauges. I can help you rent any of these items if you don’t own them or elect to leave your personal gear at home. Exposure protection in the form of a wetsuit or dive skin is also appropriate depending upon the time of year.


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