Jupiter Dive Center

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I’m excited and happy to announce that I am now a member of the staff at the Jupiter Dive Center, a PADI 5 Star Center and Scubapro Platinum Dealer. I welcome this opportunity to instruct, guide, and crew as part of the JDC team, and I invite you to join me for scuba instruction or quality time under the sea. Please ask for me by name when booking directly with the Jupiter Dive Center. Thank You.




In Search of Gold & Treasure



Juno Beach Pier - The Walk

On April 15, 2015 Dave’s Scuba Connection will begin operating out of Juno Beach, the center of southeast Florida’s Gold & Treasure Coast. I am pleased to announce that I have joined the Stuart Scuba team, which maintains a dive shop in Stuart, a boat and departure dock in Jupiter, and a dive shop at the Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach. With approximately 60 miles of coastline to explore, our clients will be able to dive in the Atlantic from as far north as Port St. Lucie and points south to Fort Lauderdale. In 2013, the Blue Heron Bridge (located in the approximate center of this 60 mile area) was chosen as one of the 50 best dive sites in the world by PADI’s Sport Diver magazine.

Clients who wish to dive in Key Largo are encouraged to contact me for availability, as I may continue to operate in the Keys, affording customers more choices and diversity of dive sites throughout southeast Florida.

I’m very excited about this new adventure and opportunity to live and work along the Florida coast – I can’t wait to get started diving in a different and diverse environment. Come dive with the Stuart Scuba team and discover your own treasure along the coast.

900 Dives

This weekend I recorded my 900th dive while instructing a young new diver in the joys of scuba. It’s a great day when I can combine two of my passions, diving and teaching. I would like to thank my students, teachers, peers, and dive buddies  for making each and every dive a memorable experience. And a special shout-out to Micki, who has been underwater with me more than any other diver – Thank You!

Rebreather Certification

Today I completed all requisite dives and performance requirements for a PADI Rebreather and Advanced Rebreather Certification (Poseidon Mark VI Rebreather). Thanks to Georgia Hausserman, Mischa Hausserman, Allessandra Figari, and the staff and crew at Ocean Divers. This was a both a challenging and rewarding experience and I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to dive without bubbles.

2014 – A Year in Review

This month marks the end of my second year as a dive professional in Key Largo, Florida. Although I’m an independent instructor, I primarily work with Ocean Divers, Inc., and I continue to enjoy my time underwater on the reefs and wrecks in the surrounding area. Since becoming an open water scuba instructor in January 2013 I’ve advanced my own career by becoming an Instructor Development Course (IDC) Staff Instructor, and I’ve attained approval to instruct 22 PADI Specialty and Distinctive Specialty courses, and 3 Emergency First Response (EFR) courses. I’m pleased to report that I’ve certified one or more students in each of these specialty areas, and each class has been fun and rewarding.

This year I recorded 320 open water dives and approximately 150 confined water dives. I certified 92 divers (49 diving certifications, 35 specialty certifications, 6 EFR certifications, and 2 professional certifications), and acquired an additional 12 IDC staffing certifications (having volunteered in 3 IDCs). I achieved the PADI Elite Instructor Award for the 2nd consecutive year. I’ve taught students from 7 Countries and 20 States, with ages ranging from 11 to 73—proof that this is truly a sport everyone can enjoy.

My goal for 2015 is to attain my Master Instructor credential — my ultimate aspiration in scuba diving. This rating requires an instructor to teach for a minimum of two years, certify a minimum of 150 students (of which a certain number must be at a professional level), participate in continuing education seminars, and display professional conduct. I still need to introduce two new divemasters to the professional side of this incredible sport. Any takers?

2014 was an amazing year because of my students, peers and mentors—all whom continue to make teaching scuba diving a rewarding adventure.

Thank you.

2013 – An Incredible and Rewarding Year

Today, Dave’s Scuba Connection marks the end of its first year of operation. I became a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor on January 20th, a Master Scuba Diver Trainer on July 2nd, and an IDC Staff Instructor on August 29th. I officially launched my business on Facebook on January 26th. On February 1st I was fortunate enough to be accepted as an Independent Instructor with Ocean Divers. Since becoming an instructor, I’ve attained approval to instruct 25 PADI Specialty and Distinctive Specialty courses, including Emergency First Response (EFR).

This year I recorded 305 open water dives and approximately 150 confined water dives. I’ve certified 79 divers since February 1st (42 diving certifications, 28 specialty certifications, 5 IDC staffing certifications, 3 EFR certifications, and 1 professional certification). I’ve taught students from 3 Countries, 19 States, and the District of Columbia.

I’ve met and worked with some amazing people since beginning my second career here in Key Largo and I’m looking forward to more fun times underwater. I want to express my thanks and appreciation to all of my scuba diving instructors, peers, and mentors, and to my students who make this job interesting and enjoyable.