2017 Year in Review

This month marks the end of my fifth year as a dive professional in Florida. I still reside in Stuart, Florida (the heart of the Gold and Treasure coast) and continue to teach scuba. Although certified as an independent contractor, I primarily work with the Jupiter Dive Center. I still enjoy diving and teaching, and spend most of my time underwater on the reefs and wrecks in the surrounding area.

I gained the following Continuing Education Credentials in 2017: TDI Advanced Gas Blender, TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver, TDI Decompression Procedures Diver, and PADI Whale Shark Awareness Diver. I also earned the following Instructor Certifications in 2017: SDI Equipment Specialist Instructor, SDI Goliath Grouper Awareness Instructor, SDI Lionfish Awareness Instructor, SDI Lionfish Eradication Diver Instructor, SDI Research Diving Instructor, SDI Shark Fundamentals Diver Instructor, SDI Turtle Diver Instructor, and SDI Underwater Hunter & Collecting Instructor. I am now able to instruct 40 PADI and/or TDI/SDI Specialty and Distinctive Specialty courses, as well as 4 Emergency First Response (EFR) courses.

I recorded 345 open water dives and several more confined water dives in 2017. I’ve logged 1,712 total dives (at 276 separate sites in 10 countries) since becoming certified as a scuba diver. As a Scuba Instructor I certified 137 divers in 2017 (70 PADI certifications and 67 TDI/SDI certifications), bringing my lifetime total to 498 diver certifications. 2017 was once again an amazing year because of my students, peers, mentors, and the amazing staff at Jupiter Dive Center—all of whom continue to make scuba diving a rewarding and joyful adventure.

Thank you

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